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Dead Rising 2: Food Props. Created. it will teleport the player to a random location around the chair rather than one fixed point,. Playing cards & poker chips.Frank Rising (2017): Set for release in April 2017, it continues the storyline of Dead Rising 4 picking up right after its ending, with an infected Frank West, trying to prevent his own zombie-fication and helping survivors.Branwell, Tom (July 16, 2007). Retrieved October 4, 2011.Custom Finish (20 points): Give your bike a custom paint job.Combine the two weapons for a gun that stuns and kills enemies.

When a combo weapon is created without first identifying a combo card, a is obtained instead.Combo Cards tell you what items are needed to combine in order to create an all-new weapon.In for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, there are fifty combo weapons you can create by mixing different weapons together.Funny Painting (throw it at a zombie to avoid breakage if it is a gift for Katey).The story happens within a city infected by hordes of zombies and various hostile survivors, each subsequent game has allowed for more zombies to be displayed on screen, at the same time.Travel Drink Sets, 2-pc. Novelty Key Chains Kids' Acoustic Guitars, Natural or Pink 89-piece Cosmetic Trunk Sets. Tiered Chip 'n Dip or Lazy Susan Chip 'N Dip.

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Combo Weapons are weapons that are made from a combination of two weapons created in.

Our Dead Rising 2 Combo Cards locations guide will help you find secrets to unlocking all 50 of the Combo Weapons available for Chuck Greene to crack some undead skull with in the game.Fashion Aficionado (20 points): Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.But you are given free reign to experiment and discover new weapons at your leisure whether you have a Combo Card for that new weapon or not.Use this trick to get a enough spray paint for all 33 Zombrex posters so you do not need to go back and look for new spray paint.

Combine the two and throw the combo weapon into a large group of zombies for mass destruction.

Note: This trick is still very effective at levels 45 and higher.Combine the two weapons for an Impact Hammer that causes a large shock wave of destruction.The character returns as a supporting character in Dead Rising 4.Before the psychopath battle with Ted at the Yucatan Casino, collect four steaks.. (Palisades Mall 2nd Floor) - Novelty Poker Chip: Barrel of Goods. Dead Rising 2; Dead Rising 2 Item Locations;. The FREE zombrex location list.

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Case 4 in Dead Rising 2 boils down to a unique psychopath fight. Case 1-2: Alive on Location. Novelty Perfume Novelty Poker Chip Painting.Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points.24 Chuck vs Strip Poker! Ante Up Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough PC Max Settings 1080p HD - Duration:. GUESS THE CHIP OR STRIP. Location: United States.The Fire Extinguisher can be found just outside the locker room inside the Shipping Office.

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Description: Flashing lights and sirens lure zombies to a bloody demise.If only there was another handle so you could hold it out in front of you, blade part pointing straight out at your enemies.

Lure a large amount of zombies near you using the firecrackers.Although it will not do much damage, it can be done an unlimited number of times.The cooperative has you completing various tasks in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex (shopping mall) and you work as a team, but yet you also earn a score as you do various tasks (e.g. kill zombies, plant bombs, etc.). You must survive until 9pm that night and then make it back to the safe room.Slaughter - S = Laughter! Achievement in Dead Rising 2. in Dead Rising 2. just up the silver strip to the Barrel of Goods kiosk for a Novelty Poker Chip.

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Description: With enough torque, even zombie limbs become lethal.

Many details of his life remain a mystery, but a distinctive physical trait is a tattoo of the number 12 on his neck.Most of these are gained via leveling up while some of these you get when you save particular survivor or you find them hidden throughout.Henry, G. R. (October 9, 2009). Retrieved April 21, 2013.Lead Snowflake in circles until she has eaten all the steaks, making sure not to attack her.Gambling 3 (significantly increase your chances of winning money): Shamrock Casino (Silver Strip - H106).The film takes place between Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3.Curiously Inventive (20 points): Collect all combo cards hidden in Fortune City.

I broke out the list of more than 45 combo weapons into multiple categories, which you can peruse below.The following is a list of the weapons available in the game.Frank West is the protagonist of Dead Rising and Dead Rising 4, and also appears in the downloadable content Dead Rising 2: Case West, and the film Dead Rising: Watchtower.The game centers on Frank West, a photojournalist who ends up trapped in a shopping mall in the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, that is infested with zombies.The remaining two are located using more unconventional means.The games in the franchise take place in fictional cities, although real cities are mentioned, the first game takes place in a small in the town of Willamette, Colorado.

The Novelty Poker Chip is a weapon found in Dead Rising 2. Template:Weapon2.

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Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Collectible Non-Casino Chips. this chip has been a great novelty. Dead Rising 2 poker set that.Combine the two weapons and throw the Dynameat towards a large group of zombies and it will attract them for a few seconds, then explode.If you need help getting all of the combo cards, check out my full guide for help.Ending D: Be outside the safehouse when the military arrives.This bona fide MacGyver has some pretty nasty tricks up his sleeve and improvised weapon combinations are essential to your survival in Still Creek.Activation Code Generator Download Source 2 - Download Source 3. However, if you just want a no- frills way to play a few hands of poker every now and then,.